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In the field of singing and professional speaking it seems that every teacher and vocalist has a different mind about how to learn using the anatomical structures of this fabulous instrument. This leads to a confusion about what is right and what is wrong.
If everyone knows about the anatomical structures of the voice and how they work, we enable ourselves to make better choices between the variety of didactic and methodical styles.
Voice Trix is understanding the basics of the human voice in an easy and visual way.

The blog is made for everyone to post and interact with people on the same mission!

Post your questions, tutorials, ideas, interesting workshops…. now !!!

Behind Voice Trix ?

Hi ! I’m Paul… Jungeblodt


A rapper, singer, musician, poet, free mind, Master Of Music ( M. Mus. ), Certified Master Teacher of Estill Voice Training aaand a singing teacher at university lecture at the „Institut Für Musik“, University of Osnabrück. Furthermore I’m conducting different Pop and Jazz choirs in my hometown Hamburg city and I am the lead singer of the wonderfull band Dreadnut Inc.

The voice trix clips and the blog are my contribution to the small world of singing. I am always interested in finding new innovative ways and beeing creative. Working together with people means great pleasure to me. Feel free to contact me for questions, lessons, projects and workshops here:

+49 (0)15739593361