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Overtonesinging! Understanding! See it in MRI Scan! Learn it!

Hey there, I just discovered these fantastic videos dealing with overtonesinging. Understanding the overtones: See it in the MRI Scan: Learn it: Thank you Anna-Maria Hefele and Wolfgang Saus!
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Hey there, I finally took the time, to write an overview about the Complete Vocal Technique!This is the secound part to the 'EVT or CVT or WTF?' article earlier... Hope it helps a little (: Introduction The ‘Complete Vocal Technique‘ by Catherine Sadolin is a modern singing technique dealing with the human voice behind its anatomical structures and...
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Voice Trix Inside Your Voice – spanish subtitles!

Yeah! So greatfull that the 'Inside Your Voice' Video is spread arround the world. Noelia Avendaño ( ) from Buenos Aires, Argentina, did spanish subtitles for the clip. Thanks Noelia! We are proud to present: Voice Trix Inside Your Voice - spanish subtitles:
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Voice Trix proudly presents:
Inside your voice

Check out the Voice Trix Clips section for upcoming clips(; Please share and ENJOY!!