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Voice Trix proudly presents Inside Your Voice „Opera Quality“

Hey, The last out of four singing quality videos is on. It is a variation of the so called "Opera Quality". It is important to check the Inside Your Voice Clip first for better understanding. What you can see in the clip are icons of the different features of the voice and in which position they are while...
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Hey there, I finally took the time, to write an overview about the Complete Vocal Technique!This is the secound part to the 'EVT or CVT or WTF?' article earlier... Hope it helps a little (: Introduction The ‘Complete Vocal Technique‘ by Catherine Sadolin is a modern singing technique dealing with the human voice behind its anatomical structures and...

LAX VOX – or „What the hell are you doing with that tube?“

Since Voice Trix is online I am a huge fan. I love the "Paul-Videos" and are impatiently waiting for Paula. I use them in my every day work as a Voice therapis & Vocal Coach and I show them in all my workshops. So first of all "THANK YOU, VOICE TRIX TEAM". My friend Paul told...
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Voice Trix Inside Your Voice – spanish subtitles!

Yeah! So greatfull that the 'Inside Your Voice' Video is spread arround the world. Noelia Avendaño ( ) from Buenos Aires, Argentina, did spanish subtitles for the clip. Thanks Noelia! We are proud to present: Voice Trix Inside Your Voice - spanish subtitles:
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Voice Trix proudly presents: Inside Your Voice “Speech Quality”

Hey out there! I'm proud to release the secound Inside Your Voice Clip: "Speech Quality" Check the "Inside Your Voice" clip first, for better understanding(:
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Voice Trix proudly presents: Inside Your Voice „Falsetto Quality“

Hey there, Here is the first out of four "Voice Quality" short clips: Inside Your Voice presents Falsetto Quality! It shows the mechanics behind this breathy quality. Check the first "Inside Your Voice" clip on this site for better understanding(: