Since Voice Trix is online I am a huge fan. I love the „Paul-Videos“ and are impatiently waiting for Paula. I use them in my every day work as a Voice therapis & Vocal Coach and I show them in all my workshops. So first of all „THANK YOU, VOICE TRIX TEAM“.

My friend Paul told me about the opportunity to write an article on the Voice Trix Blog – and so I write about my voice trix:

My topic is LAX VOX – or better, „What the hell are you doing with that silicone tube?“

Some years ago I was at a workshop for singers. One of the singers had a cold and was aphon. So she couldn’t do all the exercises the coach teached. After the first day the coach advised the girl to bubble into a bottle of water through a silicone tube. Sceptically she startet as he told her and stoppt after a minute, asking him WITH VOICE „And why should that work?“.
After this experience I wanted to know all about that „Trick“

I searched the internet and found an english explanation about LAX VOX by Marketta Sihvo. So i translated it, because I didn’t understand all of it. After I finished my translation I wrote an E-Mail to Marketta and asked her, if we both can talk about some aspects. So we met in Prague at the PEVOC. I although met Dr. Ilter Denizoglu, an ENT, who wrote all the explanations about how and why it works – and as a result of our work I published the german Version of LAX VOX on my website.

I invited Marketta Sihvo and Dr. Ilter Denizoglu to Munich to give a workshop about LAX VOX:
DON’T MISS IT: **** 14th Juno 2014 ***** – Workshop-Language will be english, because Marketta Sihvo is from Finland, Dr. Denizoglu arrives from Turkey.

Here all the links:

Deutsche Version / Link to the english & dutch version / Videos …

!!! The one and only WORKSHOP in Germany –> 14.06.2014 Munich !!!



LAX VOX Group on facebook

I hope you will try LAX VOX and use that voice trix to keep your voice healty, rescue your voice after a cold even train for low or high notes.

Everything is possible with that tube.

Have fun.

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