Hey there,
There are so many different singing technique systems, that one could easily loose track.
It happens, that you are surrounded by singers talking about different technique systems only using the shortcuts:
Evt or Cvt or……what the fuck?

So to everyone not that deep involved in the whole singing technique circus (;, here is a short explanation of one of the most populare techniques:

EVT stands for Estill Voice Training

A singing technique „Training“ based on the work of the fabulous singer Joe Estill. Since Joe was very curious about everything involving the human voice she did a lot of research back in the seventies. Based on her findings she created a structured system to learn how to use the anatomical features of the voice. There are no esthetic bias and it is in your hands how to use these information to be a creative singer. The whole system is build up on two books `level one` and…. of course `level two`. In `level one` you learn 11 figures of the voice. This means you learn to controle the position of your larynx, of your tongue, if your nose is closed or not and so on. In `level two` you learn to combine these figures to create different singing qualities, for example to create an opera quality or a belting quality.

EVT is very useful because it gives a lot of background informations about the anatomical compasotion of the human voice. The focus is on knowing about this background of your instrument and to feel how you move these composition (not easy at all, since the composition of the voice are very small(:).
Because they say that the resonances in your head falsify the picture of your own voice they advice you not to control your singing practice via hearing your own voice.

If you want to know more about EVT to you have to visit one of the workshops, or find a „certified master teacher“ on the website: www.estillvoice.com

The workshops are separated in two parts, level one and level two. Mostly they are offered together within a whole week. They are not cheap at all but worth the price.

A big con is that you can’t buy the books freely, because they think, that you need someone to explain and show you how the system works.

Next week I’ll give a short explanation about CVT or maybe someone else who knows?? Feel free! (:

See ya