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LAX VOX – or „What the hell are you doing with that tube?“

Since Voice Trix is online I am a huge fan. I love the "Paul-Videos" and are impatiently waiting for Paula. I use them in my every day work as a Voice therapis & Vocal Coach and I show them in all my workshops. So first of all "THANK YOU, VOICE TRIX TEAM". My friend Paul told...
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Voice Trix Inside Your Voice – spanish subtitles!

Yeah! So greatfull that the 'Inside Your Voice' Video is spread arround the world. Noelia AvendaƱo ( ) from Buenos Aires, Argentina, did spanish subtitles for the clip. Thanks Noelia! We are proud to present: Voice Trix Inside Your Voice - spanish subtitles:
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Nice Video. Fantastic Job! See the vocal chords in action.

What a beautiful video!
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EVT or CVT or WTF?

Hey there, There are so many different singing technique systems, that one could easily loose track. It happens, that you are surrounded by singers talking about different technique systems only using the shortcuts: Evt or Cvt or......what the fuck? So to everyone not that deep involved in the whole singing technique circus (;, here is a short explanation of...
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Voice Trix proudly presents:
Inside your voice

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